May 10, 2016


Side Hang “Closed”.
The first and top bracket of the set.

When you need a secure attachment for two glasses, one will do. When you need 4 glasses just click this model and one open model together and you will have 4 glasses and a bottle lifted in just one hand. This may work for up to 8* glasses.
The closed top offers room for logo’s and advertisement.

Side Hang “Open”.
Like the closed model, expanding the set for more glasses.

This model also offers a secure attachement of the glasses. Forces on the glassen to the outside will not detach the glasses. Only very fast rotation might. This is the open design wich wil offer very limited space for logo or advertisement.


Monkey Style.
Just for Fun, Something different. (future model, made on special order)

This moddel, like the sidehang, offers a little more secure attachment of your glasses. And it just looks funny, don’t you think? Also able to hold up to 8 glasses when stacked.

2 Monkey monkey-closed-2monkey-closed-3monkey-closed-fold-3


4 Glasses “First”.

(Special design, offering extra options)

This model offers extra options. The cheese platter you will find below. If you need 6 glasses and a bottle of wine on every table in your restaurant, this is a perfect solution. And the combination of the platter below makes it perfect to handle. Also a compact version possible, to restrict motion of glasses against the bottle.



All in one spot

You don’t want to be searching for your 4Glasses bracket, so this will offer you an option to gather “9 layers” onto one bracket. It could be 3 sets of the 3layer model, 9 of the 4 Glasses “first” model, and in the future even up to 6 platters. Or any combination of these models. This mount can be equiped with a magnet for easy mounting on any metal surface, fast and simple.



The extra options, 4 or 6 Glasses and a Platter and more.
A perfect gift set…..

The platter has 6 feet wich will fit into the sole of the glasses, making it a stable combination. This platter can also be designed to support cutlery, nuts, sauses or anything you need to carry.


4 Glasses 4 bottle platter cupsFles Beugel 6 vakjes1


This is a Designer Modular Model  and makes for “A Perfect Gift”.

This model is expandable up to 4* layers. You can give away the first layer, with your business information and enable the customer to complete a set with succesive purchases. They just click another onto the first “starter” bracket.

You can click up to 4* of these to assemble one bracket to hold up-to 8* glasses. It’s compact and you can also use only one to support 2 glasses. These brackets are rotational, so you can adjust the bracket to evenly divide 2, 4, 6 or 8* glasses.
* The amount of glasses depends on the size of glasses and bottle.



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