August 20, 2016


Sell or give-away your business information?
The 4Glasses layers will snap together and impress your customers.

Not a lot of separate parts which you need to stack on-top of each other and try to make a complete set. Even when you only need 2 glasses to accompany your bottle you can keep the 3 layers together. Just align all layers and you are good to go. However, you can also click off one of the layers and just use two.

This also works for 4 glasses. just unfold the 2 layers you wish to use and you can support 4 glasses. And unfolding the 3 layers offer room for 6 glasses. To support 8 glasses you need 4 layers. This will only work when the size of glasses will allow this many glasses.


If people like your 4glasses wine bracket, you can offer a set with a special action, sell it or just give it away. Every time the wine is on the table, your information will show, bring back memories and will make customers want to visit your restaurant or shop again.


The 4 glasses bracket offers you several options.
You can:

  1. Include a first layer bracket, containing your logo and adress info, in combination with a retailer sale,
    1. include successive layers with the next “action” sale,
      sell the next layer(s) separate at your shop,
    2. sell complete sets (1-4 layers) at your shop.
  2. Include a set to your (restaurant) retailers sale to promote your brand at the restaurant table.
  3. Use a set of these brackets at your restaurant to dress-up your table arrangement.
    1. use color of layers to identify the different types of wine.



Basic idea of the 4Glasses, Wine and Glasses combinations.
(Combinations for a complet set)



Fixed 2, 4, 6 Glasses – 1 Bottle – Only 1 Hand.
This model is ideally suited for bars and restaurants. In combination with our special bracket, suited for our 9 fixed 6 glasses model or 3 luxe model.


Special Bracket, room for 9 Layers
(Used horizontal)


Special Bracket, room for 9 Layers
(Used vertical with magnet)



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