2 ~ 4 ~ 6 AND 1 Bottle.

Nice Looking Design

Just a peace of plastic formed to carry 2, 4 or 6 glasses without any extra effort. You will keep one hand free and still don’t have to go back to get the glasses. It will fit almost all wine bottles. And even many bottles of water.

Safe Handling Function

The glasses will hang upside down on the side of the bottle. The amount of glasses is dependent on the size of the bottle and glasses. Also the height of the bottle must be suited to support the height of the glasses.

Extra Options available

You can even take more items with you, when the special designed tray is used. It can hold a variaty of things you might want to take with you in one go. Like Chees, nuts, strawberries or even cutlery. Easy and multi-functional

and even more….

If you need a special version of this 4Glasses wine and cheese bracket. You might want a logo of your company, a special version for your restaurant or just a give-away as part of your sales. A christmast gift wich will be used for many years.

4Glasses Team

The people that make it happen 4 You

Tom Coronel

Media Expert & Design
More info soon

Henk Braam

Inventor, Design & Developent
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Daan Hogewoning

Molding & Material Specialist
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Henk Braam

Interim Account Manager & Webmaster
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